French Wash

Porter's French Wash creates the look of delicate broken colour - a subtle marble-like finish which was discovered centuries ago by European masters. This elegant, timeless, ragged effect can be created by both the professional painter and the DIY home decorator. French Wash is applied over Porter's Low Sheen Acrylic to create a soft broken look. NEW colours now available!

Available in...

Blue Steel with Old Havana
Bone with Soapstone
Breakwater with Los Cabos
Cadanera with Clementine
Cinder with Balsamic
Cuban Turquoise with Old Havana
Drizzle with Snowdonia
Great Dane with Brindle
Hailstorm with Caspian
Mist with Elysian
Seed with Antiquity
St Helena with Bergamot
Tapenade with Ancient Grains
Victoriana with Valkyrie

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